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about us

The German Xena Fan Club (DXF) was originally planned to become the German division of the International Xena Fan Association (IXFA). Since the IXFA never really got off the ground, the decision was made to found an independent German fan club in 1997. Within a short period of time the DXF became one of the biggest TV fan clubs in Germany. At the moment we have about 650 members. We aim to provide those members with news and help them get in touch with other fans. We are a non-profit club: The fan club is run by fans for fans.


From October 2001 on the DXF will no longer accept new members. This is because we will stop our printed newsletters mid 2002. Afterwards the DXF will only maintain this website and the mailinglist.

mailing list

Provided that you have an email address and that you are capable of at least understanding German, you can take part in the german xena mailing list, hosted by the DXF. Currently more than 200 Xena fans use this possibility to communicate and exchange up-to-date information. You can find detailed information about this mailing list here, on our web site.

  webmaster: pageman@autolycus.de,
  fan club contact: dxf@autolycus.de last updated: 2002/07/08